@1938 ~The Surreal Lyfe feat…CJ Creations ~Winterwonderland Bench Set@ Swank Event

CJ Winterwonderland Bench_001

Cherish displays:
CJ Creations ~Winterwonderland Bench Set…..@ Swank Event
Rezzbox – 4 Pieces as Set with tons of features

– CJ Winterwonderland Gate with Props by Touch
copy + mody 8 Prim (props copy)
Props: candle deco, Deers, Huskys with Snowman

– CJ Winterwonderland Bench
copy + mody 13 Prim (props copy, 15 diff. Texture for Pillows)
22 Single Sits F or M
9 Friends Sits with Props for very nice Drinks (Coffee for diff. Gender, Choco, Eggnog, Mulled..)
23 Couple (with cute Props for kiss under Mistletoe, building Snowman, sit on Sledge, drink Champagne..)

– CJ Winterwonderland deco (Walls + Snow Ground)
copy + mody 11 Prims
– CJ Winterwonderland Ground (stones)
copy + mody 1 Prim

ALL in 1 Set -> exclusive for SWANK + special Sale: 399 L

“CJ Creations ~ Design Info:
Shop inworld: Cove of Calm (74,165,23)
Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/23773