@2224~The Surreal Lyfe featuring:: +Radix – Teru Jacket FATPACK @ Man Cave

Radix Suit

Cherish is wearing:
+Radix – Teru Jacket FATPACK @Man Cave
Compatible with Gianni, Jake, Legacy Male and Female, Maitreya, and Freya bodies. Materials enabled. Includes texture HUD, Includes Jacket customization, belts, metals, skirt on/off options included in fatback. Female works best with smaller breast options

ItGirls – Kim Ponytail –

ICONIC:Homburg Hat

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Owner/Creator of Radix – Reese Mcardle / Swain Craven (FB)

@1981~The Surreal Lyfe feat…#LANA // The Spencer Suit Dress

suit_007 (2)-Edit

Cherish is wearing:
#LANA // The Spencer Suit Dress – FATPACK
Available for Isis, Gianni, Jake, Maitreya, Vtech, Hourglass

AD – sia – dark browns

Rowne.Jane Cat Eye Sunglasses – Gold

Inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LANA%20Land/124/135/25
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@1952~The Surreal Lyfe feat…Virtual Diva – Avoir Suit Crow

cyenne_011 (3)-2-edit

Cherish is wearing:
Virtual Diva – Avoir Suit Crow
(Materials Enable)

Sintiklia – Hair Tumelo – Naturals

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