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Classes forming now!..MISS VIRTUAL WORLD PRO ACADEMY..



Will give you the power of Innovation and Creativity to lead the industry.

This program is designed to provide a comprehensive training and to maximize creativity and reinforce skills that are required to work at a professional level in today’s fashion industry.  Miss Virtual World Pro Academy teaches the importance of research and preparation, mixed with hands on training and assignment.  Entrance into Miss Virtual World Pro Academy prerequisites is completion of the below items.

Duration of Classes: 26 hours with each class being approximately 2 hours in length.
Course Hours: Discussed with student and teacher.
Price: $L16, 000
(Includes: Profile picture, graduation clothing by designers, classroom materials).
Payment must be made at time of application approval
400 word essay-why do you love the fashion industry and what interests you most?  Why do you want to be trained at The Miss Virtual World Pro Academy?
5 images of your most recent work (if applicable).
In-person interview will be scheduled.

Courses Include but not limited to:
Professional Photo Posing Movement
Color Theory
Runway Fashion Show Techniques
Wardrobe planning and Accessorizing
Beauty Pageants
Dress for Success
Who are you
Resume| Profile
Marketing| Branding
Final Project

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Inworld Contact: Adriel Huntress | Steele Sirnah

Application Form:

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*Bento Head manipulation

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