@2003~The Surreal Lyfe feat…KiB Designs – Serena Wedding Dress @ The Trunk Show presented by Pale Girl Productions

kib wedding_004-Editkib wedding_006-Edit-Edit

Cherish is wearing:
KiB Designs – Serena Wedding Dress @ The Trunk Show presented by Pale Girl Productions

GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face W001 – v1.6

DOUX – Vega hairstyle [Fades]

IItGirls – Genus Skin Applier – Savanah MEL @ Skin Fair 2019 – North Sim
ItGirls – Queen Body Applier x Maitreya @ Skin Fair 2019- North Sim

.euphoric ~Ava Eyes Applier~[Genus] @ Skin Fair 2019..
.euphoric ~Chocoberry Lashes Applier ~[Genus] @ Skin Fair 2019..
.euphoric~Zara Bento Nails(Maitreya&Slink) @ Skin Fair 2019..
– shanghai – Mirotic Earring Diamond @ The Trunk Show

[MadNess] Bridal Veil – L 9
Wedding Bridal Bouquet – White Calla


@1848 ~The Surreal Lyfe feat…[AdN] Luxury wedding

adn wedding_003-Edit-Editadn wedding_010-Edit-Editadn wedding_007-Edit-Edit

Cherish is wearing:
[AdN] Luxury wedding
MESH Gown & Crown diadem
(Maitreya Slink physique hourglass)

.:JUMO:. Molly Hair Fat Pack

. MILA . Eye Diamonds
[MadNess] Bridal Veil L-Hairclip with Pearl Flower 2





@1737~The Surreal Lyfe feat…Runaway Bride..Run Cherish Run…

Cherish is wearing:
.:(CW):. London Dress (Sky)
Includes: Dress Fitmesh, Earrings, Heels Belleza, Maitreya, Slink

Vanity Hair:Opium-Blacks

Wedding Bridal Bouquet – White Calla

[Madness] Bridal Veil – L 9 by Vanessa Ulderport
[MadNess] Bridal Veil L-Hairclip with Pearl Flower 2
[MadNess] Bridal Veil – long ver9

:: Viettel :: Wedding veil Tinna 4.0

For Eternity – by Vasanti Romano

Landmark:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dover%20Downs/74/185/2802

The Garden House Complete Wedding Kit
The “Garden House” wedding kit has been designed with style, elegance and romance to enhance your Second Life experience. This beautiful roman themed wedding venue comes with absolutely everything you need for your wedding ceremony and reception.

It features the following:
24 Static Poses for Couples Pictures
Altar Animations for Bride/Groom, Bride/Bride or Groom/Groom (see details below)
Officiant Podium with animations + bible
Solo Wedding Walks
Couples Wedding Walks
Catering System
Wedding Cake
Texture Changer preloaded with a very large number of textures (see details below)

Two (2) versions of the “Garden House” wedding kit is included in your package:
a BUILD-IT YOURSELF version and a QUICK AND EASY version.

The Garden House – Quick and Easy Setup
Your wedding kits comes with a fully furnished rezzer.

This allows you to quickly setup a complete
wedding area with chapel and reception in just a few minutes.

Prim Count: 1337 prims + 1 prim for the rezzer box
Size: 64 Meters Long by 44.5 Meters Wide
Prefered Lot Size: 8192 Square Meter

Look for the following object name to get started:
*VRD* Complete Wedding Kit – Garden House (Furnished) REZZER

The Garden House – Animation Pack
Inside the animation pack, you will find the following:

Wedding Stands
– RingBoy Stand
– FlowerGirl Stand
– Bridesmaid Stand
– Groomsmen Stand

Solo Wedding Walks
– Bridesmaid Walk (Hold Bouquet with Both Hands)
– Bridesmaid Walk (Hold Bouquet with Left Hand)
– Bridesmaid Walk (Hold Bouquet with Right Hand)
– Flower Girl Walk
– Ring Boy Walk
– Groomsmen Walk

Couples Wedding Walks
– Male & Female Walk To Altar (before ceremony)
– Male & Female Walk From Altar (after ceremony)
– Female & Female Walk (can be used for before and/or after ceremony)
– Male & Male Walk (can be used for before and/or after ceremony)

Altar Animation Platform (adjustable poses)

Male/Female Animations:
– Male/Female Hold Hands (3 choices)
– Male/Female Kneel (2 choices)
– Male/Female “I Do”
– Couples’ Ring Placement
– Male/Female Kiss (4 choices)
– Male/Female Face Crowd (Present Husband & Wife)

Female/Female Animations:
– Female/Female Hold Hands (3 choices)
– Female/Female Kneel (2 choices)
– Female/Female “I Do”
– Bride to Bride’s Ring Placement # 1
– Bride to Bride’s Ring Placement # 2
– Female/Female Kiss (3 choices)
– Female/Female Face Crowd (Present Wife & Wife)

Male/Male Animations:
– Male/Male Hold Hands (3 choices)
– Male/Male Kneel (2 choices)
– Male/Male “I Do”
– Groom to Groom’s Ring Placement # 1
– Groom to Groom’s Ring Placement # 2
– Male/Male Kiss (2 choice)
– Male/Male Face Crowd (Present Husband & Husband)


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