@2306~:: The Surreal Lyfe featuring:: #Stay@Home – Absolut Creation -BackPack Food Giver, Belt Spay Covid19 & Horns holly


Cherish is wearing:
Absolut-Creation – *.* BackPack Food Giver

This is a BackPack Food Giver
Just Wear it and anyone can click on you Backpack to receive a Random Food 🙂
You can adjust size with the hud and change the texture

if you click on your Backpack you can active or detractive the over text to show how much food you have giving ^^
You can also limit the giver by “Daily” “Hourly” or “No-limit”

Have Fun and remember to protect you and your Family, wash your hand and Stay at Home if possible.

Absolut-Creation -*.* Belt Spray Covid19

Absolut-Creation – (*.*) Horns holly

DOUX– Marilyn hairstyle [Fades]

Zaara: Shairi nosering


FashionNatic– Candy Top Red

Absolut Creation Info:
♦ ADAM Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/adammesh/
♦ EVE Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/eve-bodymesh/
♦ Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EVEmesh
♦ WWW: https://eveavatar.wordpress.com
♦ Mainstore: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Absolut%20Creation/131/128/24

@2278~:: The Surreal Lyfe featuring:: .:(CW):.Glory Gown Dress & .:(CW):. Vanilla Party @ Designer Showcase

party enue

Cherish is wearing:
.:(CW):.Glory Gown Dress @ Designer Showcase
Available in Aqua, Black, Cherry, Gold, Green, Nude, Pink
Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Legacy, Maitreya, Physique,
Includes: Dress, Earrings, Weddings Bouquet and Atmospheric effects

N-core BELLA“Fatpack”

Zaara: Shairi maang-tikka (head jewel) (unpacked)

.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – @ Designer Showcase
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – FATPACK ..included below:
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Balloon Arch Twist Ligh
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Tree & Golden Fairylights
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – balloons Sample
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Food Table
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Cake Table
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Chocolate Panna Cotta Cake
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Frame Time To Drink!!!
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party Set – Champagne Tower
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Cake Stand
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Grass 2
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – balloon Floor
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – pothecary Jar Set
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Chair
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Table party
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Centerpiece
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Tree Lantern

@155@ The Surreal Lyfe featuring [CIRCA] & Artisan Fantasy

Jingle all the Way Jingle all the Way2 Jingle all the Way3 Jingle all the Way4Jingle all the Way6 Jingle all the Way7

Cherish is wearing:
{U.R.} Embrace Me Lingerie Set – White Tango & L.inc Appliers
little bones. Snow Spell I – Ombre&Roots
MrKnightro is wearing:
[C.Roxley} – My King towel
Home and Garden:
[CIRCA] – “Jolly” Velvet Chaise – Couple’s – Sage Snow (SE)@ WE LOVE TO BLOG 
*AF* Snowden Peaks – Christmas Tree
*AF* Snowden Peaks – Gift Boxes
[CIRCA] – “Holly Days” Easel – Jingle All The Way@ WE LOVE TO BLOG 
*AF* Snowden Peaks – Poinsettia Crate – Red
[CIRCA]– “Holly Days” Party – Food Table – Natural Ligh RARE@ WE LOVE TO BLOG 
[CIRCA]– “Holly Days” Party – Choco Chip Plate (display)@ WE LOVE TO BLOG 
[CIRCA] – “Holly Days” Party – Brownie Plate Festive (display)@ WE LOVE TO BLOG 
[CIRCA]– “Holly Days” Party – Canadiana Quiche Plate RARE@ WE LOVE TO BLOG 
[CIRCA] – “Holly Days” Party – Santa Cupcake Plate (display)@ WE LOVE TO BLOG 
[CIRCA] – “Holly Days” Party – Festive Donut Plate (display)@ WE LOVE TO BLOG 
[CIRCA] – “Twilight Forest” Area Rug – Natural@ WE LOVE TO BLOG