@2278~:: The Surreal Lyfe featuring:: .:(CW):.Glory Gown Dress & .:(CW):. Vanilla Party @ Designer Showcase

party enue

Cherish is wearing:
.:(CW):.Glory Gown Dress @ Designer Showcase
Available in Aqua, Black, Cherry, Gold, Green, Nude, Pink
Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Legacy, Maitreya, Physique,
Includes: Dress, Earrings, Weddings Bouquet and Atmospheric effects

N-core BELLA“Fatpack”

Zaara: Shairi maang-tikka (head jewel) (unpacked)

.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – @ Designer Showcase
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – FATPACK ..included below:
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Balloon Arch Twist Ligh
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Tree & Golden Fairylights
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – balloons Sample
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Food Table
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Cake Table
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Chocolate Panna Cotta Cake
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Frame Time To Drink!!!
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party Set – Champagne Tower
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Cake Stand
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Grass 2
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – balloon Floor
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – pothecary Jar Set
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Chair
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Table party
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Centerpiece
.:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Tree Lantern

@1823~The Surreal Lyfe feat…Serendipity Designs – Amarillo Living Room..now @ Swank Home and Garden

Serendipity Designs - Amarillo_002-Edit

Serendipity Designs – Amarillo Living Room..now @ Swank Home and Garden

Serendipity Designs – Amarillo Morning
Serendipity Designs – Amarillo Horse Head
Serendipity Designs – Amarillo Book Shelves (PG)
Serendipity Designs – Amarillo Navajo Tapestry
Serendipity Designs – Amarillo Wagon Chandelier
Serendipity Designs – Amarillo Steer Skull
Serendipity Designs – Amarillo Floating Candle Med
Serendipity Designs – Amarillo Floating Candle Lg
Serendipity Designs – Amarillo Floating Candle Sm
Serendipity Designs – Amarillo Boot Lamp L
Serendipity Designs – Amarillo Dresser
Serendipity Designs – Amarillo Miniature Wagon Model
Serendipity Designs – Amarillo Ottoman
Serendipity Designs – Amarillo Saddle Display
Serendipity Designs – Amarillo Coffee Table
Serendipity Designs – Amarillo PG Chair
Serendipity Designs – Amarillo Sofa [PG]
Serendipity Designs – Amarillo Navajo Rug

@1822~The Surreal Lyfe feat…OUTSIDE THE BOX- OTB – Draped In Love Set PG..now @ Swank Home and Garden

Draped in Love Sofa_004-Edit

Cherish Displays:
OUTSIDE THE BOX- OTB – Draped In Love Set PG..now @ Swank Home and Garden
OTB -Teal Potted Fern
OTB -Draped in Love Animated Stool

@1821~The Surreal Lyfe feat…{CdB} Larsson Swedish Bedroom..now @ Swank Home and Garden

Larsson Swedish Bedroom_002-Edit

{CdB} Larsson Swedish Bedroom .now @ Swank Home and Garden
{CdB} Striped Balloon Shade
{CdB}Alskling Armoire Gron
Portrait of a Lady
{CdB} Larsson Lounge Chair_Adult
{CdB} Larsson Bed_(Adult)
{CdB} Swedish Pile Carpet
{CdB} Nordic Pillow Basket
{CdB} Gustavian Candelabra v2
{CdB} Nordic Green ConsoleTable
{CdB} Swedish Flat Weave Rug
{CdB} Min Karlek Bench
{CdB} Larsson Vanity Chair
{CdB}Alskling Armoire Rod
{CdB} White Anemone
Viola_Swedish Botanical 1890
Primula_Swedish Botanical 1890
Melandrium_Swedish Botanical 1890
Lilium_Swedish Botanical 1890
{CdB} Larsson Vanity Table_Natural

@1751~The Surreal Lyfe feat….:Beam & Burner, Co.:- VANILLA – Antique Wooden Lover’s Chair v1.0


:Beam & Burner, Co.:– VANILLA – Antique Wooden Lover’s Chair v1.0

You want a simple, artful, beautifully crafted antique mesh chair for those special moments with your lover. You want a chair packed with animations not seen elsewhere in Second Life™

Look no further. This chair is for you.