@2279~:: The Surreal Lyfe featuring:: B&B – FIND YOUR SOUL – Slave Cushion v1.0

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B&B – FIND YOUR SOUL – Slave Cushion  v1.0
– Includes 400+ Animations, 10X MORE than similar builds.
– Includes GENERAL, MODERATE, and ADULT high quality animations.
– Includes 2019 BENTO and MOCAP Animations with Hand Movement.
– Includes SmartSit™ system for GENDER SPECIFIC SITTING.
– Includes SmartCam™ System for PROFESSIONAL CAMERA ANGLES in every pose.
– Allows for up to three (3) avatars to sit at once.
– No pose balls, ever!

Dhoma– Maika Lingerie & Hud 10 Colors

Fatpack Horny Stories – The Bearded Guy  @ The Man Cave Event
Sex Time – Horny Stories – The Bearded Guy (shown)

@1751~The Surreal Lyfe feat….:Beam & Burner, Co.:- VANILLA – Antique Wooden Lover’s Chair v1.0


:Beam & Burner, Co.:– VANILLA – Antique Wooden Lover’s Chair v1.0

You want a simple, artful, beautifully crafted antique mesh chair for those special moments with your lover. You want a chair packed with animations not seen elsewhere in Second Life™

Look no further. This chair is for you.