@1935 ~The Surreal Lyfe feat…Balderdash – Build Your Own Snowman Kit ..@ Swank Events

Balderdash - Build Your Own Snowman Kit_002

Cherish displays:
Balderdash – Build your own Snowman kit @ Swank Event
This kit has 24 parts and 3 built examples.
Happy Eyes
Eyebrows – each brow can be individually adjusted to create a great range of expressions!
3 facial hair varieties: Moustache/Beard, Selleck’s Moustache, Handlebar Moustache
3 arm shapes
5 different heads – They are packaged with noses and eyes attached to make life easier for you. Eyes and noses can be detached though, so if you want to make your own eyes and noses, go ahead!
Body – Bell skirt
Body – Ball (resize this for heads, torsos etc!)
Body – Torso with buttons
Two Top hats – One with a dusting of snow, one without
Pom Pom Hat
Pot Hat

Balderdash Info:

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