@1897 ~The Surreal Lyfe feat…[CIRCA] “Waterton” Park Collection @Swank Home and Garden



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[CIRCA] Blog Pk1 – “Waterton” Park Collection @Swank Home and Garden
[CIRCA] Pkg – “WATERTON” Bird Bath – In Verde
[CIRCA] Pkg – “WATERTON” Stone Path Set – Earth
[CIRCA] Pkg – “WATERTON” Park Gazebo Set – Grey / Blue

“WATERTON” Park & Garden Collection ~
[CIRCA] has new pieces as part of the “Waterton” Collection that  introduced last year for park and garden settings. Firstly,  the new park gazebo sets which make a lovely addition to seasonal setups. These come with beautiful garden arrangements attached, lantern detail, 2 mini tree planters and bench seating. The 3 benches come with 6 male and female sits per seat with 18 different animations in all. To match the gazebos, there are 2 bird bath designs available that come with animated water and robin bird sounds on touch. Lastly,  pretty stone path sets give an added touch to garden areas, allowing you to create endless walk path configurations with straight and curved parts. These have ground light details (that look great at night) with a 2nd version having small plants embedded around the stones or in between. The path sets come in 3 colorations to match the gazebos. The “Brown Orange” and “Brown Plum” gazebos are perfect for this fall period. The entire collection is a great idea for public, private, roleplay and commercial settings.
** During the event, our new items are discounted 50% Off @ SWANK. See demos on site.

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@1896 ~The Surreal Lyfe feat…CJ Secret Garden Collection @Swank Home and Garden


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CJ Secret Garden Collection @Swank Home and Garden

1. CJ Secret GardenSet in Rezzbox
– Bench copy + mody 3 Prims (Props copy):
23 Single Sits for him/her & Props (Please use SWAP to change)
5 Friends + 14 Couple PG Animations
– Lantern copy + mody 6 Prims (Light on/off by touch)
– Roseset on ground: 3 Prims copy + mody (5 diff. colors of roses by touch)
2 Rosebush/Field – 1 Prim copy + mody (5 diff. colors of roses by touch)
– Ground with steps: 2 Prim copy + mody
– DecoSet with Walls: 10 Prims with Plants and Walls
Complete Set: 24 Prims and comes in Rezzbox


2. CJ Secret Garden Fountain Woman @Swank Home and Garden
10 Prims copy/mody (with Waterdrops)

@1895 ~The Surreal Lyfe feat…EVH Winters Bed @Swank Home and Garden


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EVH Winters Bed @Swank Home and Garden
new EVH Winters Bed-Bento & Mocap, they have several textures,  tables, decos candles and rug,

@1894 ~The Surreal Lyfe feat…irrISIStible : WINTER MAGIC ICE GRASS & WINTER MAGIC 3 PATCH TREE @Swank Home and Garden


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irrISIStible : WINTER MAGIC ICE GRASS BIG PACK 6 STYLES @Swank Home and Garden

irrISIStible : WINTER MAGIC 3 PATCH TREE @Swank Home and Garden

[DDD] Log & Branch Deer – Looking
[DDD] Log & Branch Deer – Rudie