@1605~The Surreal Lyfe feat..Guest Male Designer ~[GQ Clothing] Mino Plaid

[GQ Clothing] Mino Plaid2

Photography by: Cherishmonetsweet Thibedeau
►Included :
• BoonieHat (w/deletable Resize Script)
• Tee Shirt (for Niramyth)
• V-Neck Tee Shirt (for Niramyth)
• Sleeveless Tee Shirt (for Niramyth)
• Cargo Shorts (for Niramyth)
• Texture Change HuD

MP Link: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/GQ-Clothing-Mino-Plaid-v11-NIRAMYTH/9165411


***This update addresses the issue of the alpha being visible on the legs when near items with materials enabled, LL water and other transparent textures.

Featuring high resolution and detailed textures, this outfit comes with Boonie Hat, Teeshirt, V-Neck Tee Shirt, Sleeveless Tee Shirt and Cargo Shorts. All textures are handmade and have been tested in a controlled environment and in-world to ensure no distortion.

★★★ PHATPACK includes texture change HuD ★★★

GQueue Clothing™ 2016 Clothing Line! 100% Rigged Men’s Mesh Clothing
☞Our clothing is NO MOD/NO TRANSFER. If you wish to give this to someone,
please use the Add To Cart As Gift option on the right hand of this page.

Our textures are 100% exclusive work by Gregorian Lytton. No “cookie cutter” templates are used in our products so you are assured of unique and quality textured clothing that no one else has.!